Victoria Beckham, Vegetarian, Gets Stuffed Turkey For Christmas

December 25, 2007

Everyone gets a Christmas or other holiday gift that they just hate, even celebrities. Victoria Beckham is no exception. This Christmas, vegetarian Beckham was horrified when she received a turkey stuffed with skincare products as a gift from Dr. Neetu Nirdosh.

Though the present was supposed to help Posh fight the effects of the Spice Girls’ tour, Victoria hated it.

A source says,

“The thought of her using these products that have been stuffed inside a turkey is just nuts. She refuses to eat meat or wear fur so Victoria is far from impressed from it.”

Even if I weren’t a vegetarian, I’m not sure I’d use any skincare product that had been stuffed up a turkey. That’s just not right. Dr. Nirdosh scores some points for original wrapping though.

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