Alesha Dixon is Strictly Come Dancing’s Winner

December 23, 2007

Meet Alesha Dixon, the talented winner of Strictly Come Dancing. See her pictures, sex life, biography, and final dance videos here.

With her partner Matthew Cutler, she won Strictly Come Dancing in December 2007, which is the UK version of American Idol. Len Goodman said she is the best celebrity dancer he has ever seen on the show.

Alesha Dixon Biography

As a biography, Alesha was born October 7th, 1978, the daughter of a Jamaican father and English mother. She joined a dance academy at an early age and achieved some fame with the group Mis-Teeq.

She is singer, dancer, and fashion model. Her debut solo album is “Fired Up” and she is working on another music album for release in 2008. She has appeared as a model in Another magazine and as a cover-girl for Tense magazine. She is quite photogenic but sometimes the magazines like to lighter her skin. That is too bad because her tones are fantastic naturally.

Alesha’s sex life includes rumors that she is dirty dancing with British musician Pharrell Williams, a tango which she denies. Another rumor is that she is doing the cha-cha-cha with Strictly Come Dancing star Matt Di Angelo, but he denies doing the Macarena with her. The latest gossip is that she is hokey poking with male model James Chandler, and to our knowledge nobody has denied that they are ball-rooming together.

After the winner was announced, she said “I’m over the moon I can’t believe it. It was worth all the bruises, all the lack of sleep, all the painful cuts and sore joints, all the tears and all the 380 hours of training.”

Photos and a video are included so anyone can judge if Alesha looks better dancing or laying down.

Alesha Dixon Videos (Final)

Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing (Semifinal)

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