Michael Jackson Likes Band-Aids

December 21, 2007

Michael Jackson always gets photographed looking like he’s trying to go incognito, and yet somehow he always manages to draw more attention to himself than he would if he walked around in a rodeo clown outfit on stilts. Seriously.

So in this picture he is shopping in Las Vegas with over a dozen Band-Aids on his upper and lower lips. He’s also draped his head in a black sheet, is rocking some sunglasses from 19, 19, 1985, and is wearing a hat he borrowed from ESPN Outdoors Anchors.

What exactly could he be shopping for here? Yep, I’ll be doing some last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow – keep your eyes peeled for a hot pink version of this sweet outfit at the mall. That would be a tight photo with Santa Claus – I’ll leave you with this visual: Michael Jackson sitting on Santa’s lap singing “Billie Jean”.

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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson Likes Band-Aids”

  1. 1
    chrstina millard Says:

    hi again its christina i find this picture to be ammusing in some ways. for one he wouldn’t have needed band aids if he wouldn’t have f–ked up his face in 1990’s….!!!! becuase he used to be absolulitly gorgues when he first became white and first fixed his nose like in the black and white video lol thats what i am talking about……….. peace to u michael i will miss you lots say hi to my mom u there for me she loved you more than me

  2. 2
    Madame Ava Says:

    This is the most appropriate time where Michael Jackson should of worn a surgical mask, he just looks for attention, this is obvious proof. He wonders why the Media is so harsh. Michael brings it one himself, two plastic surgeries, as he claims. HARDLY!!

  3. 3
    tina Says:

    thats just stupid