Bryony Matthewman is YouTube Sensation

December 21, 2007

Bryony Matthewman has received over 2 million hits for her comedy skits that range from Britney Spears to Amy Winehouse and been “crowned queen of video website YouTube.” Bryony is a 24-year-old graphic designer and uses the handle Paperlilies to film the skits in her bedroom at her parent’s home.

“I’m freelance at the moment so I have quite a lot of time on my hands to make the videos. When I first looked at the site it was full of Americans and I decided it would be good to have an English presence. I started by answering questions that people from around the world had about Britain. Then I started doing my own comedy sketches and they really caught on. It’s great that so many people enjoy them but it’s all just a bit of a laugh to me.”

Along with the 2 million hits, although some claim the figure is closer to 10 million, Bryony topped a poll for the 10 mostwatched Londoners. So what do you think, is she funny?

See Bryony impersonating Britney Spears giving childcare tips to her pregnant 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn below and click here to see Amy Winehouse (includes vulgar language).

Bryony Matthewman Video

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