Perez Hilton YouTube Video Suspension

December 20, 2007

Perez Hilton and YouTube are feuding over videos posted on the popular internet video site. See his “Dear YouTube” kiss off video below, in which he ends “F— You” to the world’s largest video site.

The controversy erupted on December 20th, 2007, when YouTube temporarily suspended his account for copyright violations. Apparently three DMCA notices were issued to remove videos. Three complaints automatically triggers an account suspension.

One of our bloggers had her account suspended at YouTube for no good reason. The takedown notices were bogus attempts by celebrities to squash embarrassing moments caught in the public eye. YouTube offers account holders the ability to issue a counter-DMCA claim, but how many moms out there are really going to go through the trouble or even know what to do.

Of all the ironies, two of Perez Hilton’s YouTube videos were taken down by Viacom threats. Viacom sponsors Perez Hilton’s television show, so with some egg on their face and a gentle reminder from his lawyer, Viacom rescinded the takedown notices at YouTube.

As a result, YouTube reinstated Hilton’s YouTube account but too late for a clearly annoyed Perez. He posted a “F— YouTube” video and promptly removed most of his videos which had sent millions of customers to the video site. See below.

Perez Hilton “F— You” YouTube Video

Perez Hilton – Why was I Suspended?

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