Megan Fox Photos

December 19, 2007

Transformers beauty Megan Fox posed for Japan’s The Hot List magazine. It is their version of Rolling Stone magazine. Megan is gorgeous, and these photos are some of the best pictures I have seen of her. Sometimes she tries to look too much like Angelina Jolie, instead of making herself unique. Although, I am not diggin’ the tattoo down her side, Angelina has a similar one on her back. Can we be original, especially when it comes to a tattoo? I think if she tried to be more like herself she could be even sexier.

Check out more pictures below. What do you think? Super-sexy or over the top, wannabe Angelina?

UPDATE: Megan was spotted sans shirt again for her new movie, Jennifer’s body. Megan’s headlights were covered but you could still make them out. See the full set of Megan Fox pictures here.

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One Response to “Megan Fox Photos”

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    OICU812 Says:

    Take away the botox lips, the spackled on maked-up, the arched eyebrows, and what do ya have ? Every other girl u see at the mall !