Britney Spears Denies Jamie Lynn’s Pregnancy (Video)

December 19, 2007

More crazy info is coming out about the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy. First, in the video above, Britney Spears is shopping at the Lisa Kline store when she’s asked by paparazzi to comment on her sister’s pregnancy. Unaware of the announcement, Britney completely denies the pregnancy. She throw “y’all” in there about twenty times for good measure.

There is also info that Jamie Lynn Spears will be paid $1 million for the photo shoot after the birth. A birth that may come sooner than later. It seems Jamie Lynn is a little further along than the 12 weeks she is claiming. That money might come in handy if the script writers decide not to write in the growing belly on Jamie Lynn’s Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101.”

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One Response to “Britney Spears Denies Jamie Lynn’s Pregnancy (Video)”

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    markie Says:

    She has knew about it according to her manager.