Denise Martin ‘Survivor’ Scandal

December 18, 2007

In the hit reality show ‘Survivor,’ Denise Martin made it to the final four but was the victim of a long lasting alliance and was voted off becoming the last member of the jury. Todd Herzog was the winner and took home the $1 million dollar check. While vying for a spot in the final three, Martin used her job and family situation as a ploy to gain sympathy. She continued playing the sympathy card at the ‘Survivor Reunion Show’ saying she had been demoted from cafeteria lunch lady to janitor.

I went back…and they didn’t give me my job back. I’m a janitor now. I clean the toilets. I wash the floors in the bathrooms. I vacuum the kids’ rugs. I miss dinner with my family. I haven’t been to a field hockey game yet.

Hearing her situation, creator Mark Burnett gave Denise $50,000. Now, Nancy Lane, Douglas Schools Superintendent, is basically calling Denise a liar. She says Denise was actually promoted to full-time custodian in March, a job which came with more benefits and higher pay. Click here to see Denise on the Early Show do some serious back peddling. And it looks like she’s keeping the fifty grand.

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