Tyna Marie Robertson vs Michael Flatley

December 18, 2007

Tyna Marie Robertson, who accused “Lord of the Dance” Michael Flatley of sexual assault, has been ordered to pay him more than $11 million dollars for making false allegations to extort money from him.

Tyna Marie Robert is a real estate agent and former girlfriend to NFL player and Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher. The two have a son together and have also faced off in court. In this case involving Flatley, Robertson was found guilty of defamation and intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon him after she alleged Flatley raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002 and threatened to sue unless he agreed to pay a “seven figures” settlement, according to court papers.

After the incident, Flatley maintained the sex was consensual and criminal charges were not filed. Robertson then filed a $33 million lawsuit alleging sexual assault, but it was dismissed. Meanwhile, Flatley filed a $100 million countersuit against her, which included her lawyer, Dean Mauro, as a co-defendant for the work he did on Robertson’s behalf. Extortion, which is commonly called blackmail, was among the charges leveled at both.

In July 2006, the California Supreme Court said Mauro had committed exortion and the case was settled with a substantial payment made to Flatley. If any money is recovered from this settlement with Robertson, Flatley plans to donate it to charity.

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