Nicole Kidman is the Tinman

December 17, 2007

Nicole Kidman did not go unnoticed at the Australian premiere of “The Golden Compass” with her shiny silver outfit resembling the Tinman from “The Wizard of Oz.” Kidman, 40, stars in the $200 million dollar film, which is based on Philip Pullman’s book “Northern Lights.”

Kidman wore her hair down and chose a bright red lipstick and two inch black stilettos with the metallic ensemble. I’m thinking red heels and then clicking them together might have been a better choice.

Nicole was the talk of the red carpet. She stopped traffic for three hours and police closed off roads as hundreds of fans braved storms and incessant rain to get an autograph and pose for pictures.

“It really was the most striking choice of outfit,” said an onlooker. Given that her movie has the word ‘golden’ in its title, perhaps she simply wanted to make a statement – or be sartorially ironic – by wearing silver. Whatever her reasoning Nicole was most definitely the talk of the red carpet and completely stole the show.”

If she was still married to Tom Cruise, I think this outfit would look completely normal.

See more photos of shiny Nicole Kidman below.

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2 Responses to “Nicole Kidman is the Tinman”

  1. 1
    Videos Musicales Says:

    Seems like wearing a space suite

  2. 2
    Spy B Says:

    Yeah, Nicole is kidding-Man !!! :-)