Paris Hilton Wants A Man For Christmas

December 13, 2007

Paris Hilton has never been at a loss for male companionship. But suddenly this holiday season she seems to be all alone. With Stavros Niarchos out of the picture and reportedly with Lindsay Lohan, Paris is looking for love. When asked what she wants for Christmas, Paris said:

A cure for herpes. A man to fall in love with, one for life. Someone that I can start a family with.”

I just think it might be hard for Paris to find a man for life – who can keep up with that? Maybe she should have asked for something else, just in case Santa was really listening. Like one of these:

  • A generator, to keep her fans’ Christmas light displays going
  • To Vote … or Die

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One Response to “Paris Hilton Wants A Man For Christmas”

  1. 1
    MySpace Text Says:

    she’s still have enough time to find one good guy who will lead her to the right track.