Holly Hunter Talks

December 13, 2007

Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter talks extensively on acting and her willingness to get down for sex scenes. Holly is currently starring on TNT’s ‘Saving Grace,’ which is wrapping it’s first season, and says she decided to do the pilot because it opened with a sex scene described as the most “athletic and acrobatic soft-core porn ever presented on basic cable.”

“I’ve been offered various series over the years, but I was never interested, not until I read this character,�? she says. “How could I resist a script that opens with the lead character naked, having sex with a guy and saying she wants to come?�?

This isn’t the first time Hunter has done some mattress dancing for the camera or appeared sans clothing on screen. She’s done the same for the movies “The Piano,” “Crash” and “Thirteen.” But this role as detective Grace Hanadarko has taken her ideals on sex to a whole new level.

Hunter finds it refreshing that a woman TV character in her late 40s can so thoroughly enjoy a vigorous, commitment-free sex life. She digs that a woman in her late 40s can feel so free about her body that she can hook up with younger men and routinely put on peep shows for the old guy living next door. She likes the show’s implied statement that “women of a certain age�? don’t dry up sexually.

I never knew Holly was so scandalous. But hey, the woman is a picture of beauty at age 49 and if she wants to flaunt it on screen, why not?

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