Feedback – Janet Jackson’s New Single

December 13, 2007

Despite Janet Jackson’s last album not doing as well as hoped for, the mega star has proved that she can have longevity and make a come back. Janet Jackson’s leaked single Feedback is being requested like crazy at radio stations across the country.
And out today is the first promo photo for Janet’s new album, which is rumored to be titled Discipline. Janet is hot in this picture as well as in her new single Feedback. If you haven’t heard it yet check it out below. The word on the web is that Janet will definitely go on tour for this album.

Janet Jackson Feedback

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9 Responses to “Feedback – Janet Jackson’s New Single”

  1. 1
    janet007 Says:

    yes I’m soooo happy that she she is coming back good luck janet you need this one.

  2. 2
    Scott n ATL Says:

    KICK BUTT SINGLE! Go girl. I knew you had more life left in you after the haters attacked! Can’t wait for the new CD and tour!

  3. 3
    Sebastian Says:

    Im super excited about this new venture with Island/DefJam and J… he he he he he YUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    Maverick Says:

    I think that it’s important to understand that the Jacksons are so persistant as a family and have been through so much that it VERY unlikely that nothing we post here negative or positive will sway them either way.

    Being that we all have the right to post our opinions it is healthy not only to have fans comment but also have objective “feedback? unbiased by adoration or hate. With that in mind the song did exactly what it set out to do START FEEDBACK world wide. Good or Bad press is STILL press.

    The fact that everyone is buzzing about this says a lot about her staying power and coming off the heels of her last SMASH movie , DISCIPLINE ( the album’s title) tells us she knows what she has to do this time around.
    I get it. The Jackson’s are known for their one take precision and comeback power.

    I read how people thinks Janet is old. For the demographic that she’s trying to reach I think it’s important that she moves one from here ( dance, pop )
    and venture into her next logical evolution and that would be a VOCAL evolution. She’s not growing dramatically like she grew between CONTROL and RHYTHM NATION, or the UNPARALLED GROWTH between JANET and VELVET ROPE. Conceptually she’s had nothing to say in years. The title of the record DISCIPLINE sounds more like a concept piece.

    This is it for Janet, she better land it on this one and kick ass on the Videos and the TOUR. Visually I would like to see her STRAIGHT UP DANCE and get back to her raw performing talent. Less focus on the sexual subject matter and a brand new hairstyle that could spark a trend with the average black chick is so necessary.

    Janet needs to connect with her roots from a linear level. Don’t come so “JACKSON? all the time. Now I wasn’t a huge fan of the album JANET. but what I will say is she was to be congratulated on the way that she ( through Rene’s insight ) came through the side door with ? That’s the Way love Goes? instead of coming through the front door making a big deal.

    FEEDBACK is HOT but I know DISCIPLINE will be a reflection of her passion to perform and make the biggest comeback of her ENTIRE career.

  5. 5
    dancerjack Says:

    maverick, you said it all. bravo. girl is hot, but since she knows it and so do her fans, i think she should focus more on performance and content and let the design and sexuality highlight her gifts. i’m looking foward to this new album. i didn’t care much for “damita jo,” but i’m still bangin’ “20 y.o.” in my stereo.

  6. 6
    D-Mac Says:

    All i have to say is: Virgin did her wrong. This song is Hot

  7. 7
    cem Says:

    This song is so exuberant!cmon janet u can beat Madonna!

  8. 8
    Six Says:

    Janet is back and the single is hot. The radio stations in Chicago must be paid not to play the single. They are playing the same crap all day long. I hardly ever hear Janet on B96 or the other stations. The video is different but lacks the up to date dance moves that Janet has always pioneered in past videos. Watch out Janet becasue Ciara is on your tail girl.

  9. 9
    Mike Says:

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