David Beckham does Armani in Underwear Briefs

December 11, 2007

David Beckham is leaving little to the imagination in this ad for Giorgio Armani. Either the shadows are being kind to David, or he should get a yellow card for having such great “abs.” The deal with Armani is worth $40 million for David to become the new global ambassador. Armani says he chose David for the ad because Beckham represented

“a notion of modern masculinity: as a sports hero, husband and father.�?

As for Beckham, he initially met Armani after he designed the World Cup soccer suit. Beckham says he’s been a fan for a long time and compliments Armani as being a designer “on the top of his game for more than 30 years.”

All the lucky people of New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo will get to see billboards of David in all his wonder. Or you can print out this picture, blow it up, and hang it above your bed.

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One Response to “David Beckham does Armani in Underwear Briefs”

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    Concha Yoshida Says:

    I just found funny joke: Q: what makes the tower of Pisa lean? A: it never eats.