Sara Bareilles Is A New Singer (Photos and Video)

December 10, 2007

Meet Sara Bareilles (pronounced bah-rel-is), an up-and-coming singer who has opened for the likes of Maroon 5, Paolo Nutini, and last night at an Acoustic Christmas Show for Vanessa Carlton and Collective Soul.

Sara Bareilles is a singer new on the scene who’s got a fresh album and a cute look. She’s been making the rounds as an opener for the last year, but she’s about to break out on VH1’s “You Oughta Know” Tour starting February 4, 2008.

Sara Bareilles Biography

As a biography, Sara Bareilles was born in Humboldt County, California on December 7, 1979, so her age is 28. Growing up in a densely wooded area helped Sara develop a “delightfully overactive imagination.” She was voted Most Talented before graduating from Eureka Senior High School in June 1998. She followed high school with a degree from UCLA’s Communication Studios Department.

After years of hard work, Sara’s first studio album with Epic Records was released July 17, 2007. (She co-produced a debut album in 2003 called “Careful Confessions”.) And the CD is getting rave reviews, with one critic saying,

“In fact, Little Voice is comprised of 12 huge-sounding, vibrant, neatly-crafted songs performed by a singer-songwriter-pianist with a powerful voice that is well-versed in soul, rock, jazz, and pop. At the summation of these 49 minutes, it seems impossible that Bareilles has not had formal training in voice or piano.”

And another says,

“Her sound has been described as everything from Norah Jones to Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple to Alicia Keyes. It is tempting to make comparisons but she’s much more than a carbon copy. In fact, she is anything but. Influenced by soul, jazz, rock, and pop-her writing is bold, honest, and edgy. Intelligent, unpredictable lyrics and melodies delivered courtesy of a truly soulful and powerful voice, Sara’s music is something that definitely sets her apart.”

Sara says her inspirations are as varied as Radiohead, The Police, Bjork, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Counting Crows and Bob Marley.

See more photos and the “Love Song” video .

“Love Song” on the Late Late Show – Sara Bareilles

Listen to her full album here.

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