Maya Koizumi Is A Japanese Idol (Photos and Video)

December 9, 2007

Meet Maya Koizumi, a Japanese idol who got kicked out of high school for her provocative photographs. See her biography, photos and video here.

Maya Koizumi has recently released her 2008 calendar.

Maya Koizumi Biography

As a biography, Maya Koizumi was born on July 2, 1988, so her age is 19. Her measurements are 88 cm bust size, 60 cm waist size, 85 cm hip size, and 5’4″ tall. She is known in Japanese as a “gurabia aidoru”, which means a print idol. I’m guessing this means she’s a model. She’s most known for posing in her bikini.

That bikini, however, has gotten Maya into trouble. The 19-year-old was expelled from her high school 6 months before graduation after classmates and their parents complained that the photos were too risque’. The private school said Maya’s modeling violated its regulations. Maya has three DVDs and one book, but it was the book, titled “Geneki Joshikosei” (High school girl student) that caused the most drama.

Now Koizumi and her parents are suing the school. They argue that the expulsion was beyond the school’s discretionary limits, and that, therefore, it should be declared invalid. Though there is no specific regulation regarding modeling, there is a rule that forbids “entertainment activities”. It’s not apparent whether there has been a conclusion to the lawsuit.

For now it seems Maya is still modeling as an idol. Apparently, in promotion of an idol’s latest book or DVD, they will invite all kinds of photographers who draw numbers and then get 60 seconds to take pictures of the girl in her bikini. I still don’t fully understand the art of being an idol.

See more photos of Maya Koizumi and her video below.

Maya Koizumi Video

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