Katy Perry Is A Hot Singer (Photos and Video)

December 9, 2007

Meet Katy Perry, a singer who just got added to the Warped Tour 2008 roster and whose first album is set to be released in Spring 2008. See photos, video, and her biography here.

Katy Perry will be joining the likes of groups Gym Class Heroes and Reel Big Fish on the 2008 edition of the Warped Tour.

She recently released her new single, “I Kissed A Girl”, and it is blowing up the charts. See the video, featuring lots of scantily clad girls, here.

Katy Perry Biography

As a biography, singer Katy Perry, age 23, was born in Santa Barbara, California, to two pastors who did not welcome “secular music” in their house. So Katy grew up singing in church, a task for which her father paid her $10. At the age of 15, Katy heard Queen at a sleep over, and her world was forever changed. She now calls the band her biggest influence.

In October 2004, at age 19, Blender called Perry “the next big thing.” After working with big name producers like Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette) and The Matrix (Ricky Martin and Avril Lavigne) Katy has released her first EP digitally, with songs called “Ur So Gay”, “Use Your Love”, and “Lost”.

And she’s getting some positive feedback. Blogger Perez Hilton says,

“If Avril Lavigne were actually talented, pretty, and had an appealing personality, she’d be Katy Perry. She’s got the whole package!”

Most like Perry’s “irrepressible sense of humor”, which shines through on “Ur So Gay”, an ode to her guy-liner wearing ex-boyfriend. She explains the song to Out Magazine:

“It stems from heartbreak, like most good songs. You know those relationships where it takes like nine months to dump someone? It was like that. I was home last winter, and my roommate and I were having dinner. I didn’t have a chorus for the song, but I played her the verse. I said, “I don’t even know what to say. He’s just so gay.�? She’s like, “Why don’t you just say that?�? I said, “Thank you, that’s what I’m gonna say.�? It’s about guys with guy-liner that use flat irons.”

Some fun facts about Katy:

  • She’s a vintage collector.
  • She knows how to surf.
  • She loves garage sales and thrift stores.
  • She used to take swing dancing lessons.

See photos and the “Ur So Gay” video .

“Ur So Gay” Audio – Katy Perry

“Simple” Video – Katy Perry

Katy Perry Video – “I Kissed A Girl”

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25 Responses to “Katy Perry Is A Hot Singer (Photos and Video)”

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  1. 1
    jenna burke Says:

    i think she might be gay because of her song “i kissed a girl”…
    sorry but its the truth

  2. 2
    Tasha Says:

    So what if she was gay? It’s 2008, btw. Catch the ef up. Anyways, I love “I kissed a girl” and I think the video is very sexy!

  3. 3
    holly Says:

    umm… A) so what if she were gay? why is tht a bad thing? she’s totally hot and i’d bang her if given the chance. B) her album is a tribute to her clearly retarded ex-BOYfriend. notice the emphasis on the boy part.

  4. 4
    Kelsie Says:

    OoOoOk…? if she was gay it really wouldnt matter. gay people need love to. and that song “I Kissed A Girl” thats a good song. it sounds like she was very sexy in her video, even though i never seen it before!(lookin forward to seein it though) lol
    i wish i was that girl that she kissed! shes hott!

  5. 5
    Faith Says:

    What the story doesnt tell you is that she started her professional singing career by the name of Katy Hudson in the Christian music industry. I find that interesting. What happened?

  6. 6
    IanSmith38 Says:

    Wow, shes hot, her ex must be a loser, shes got a sexeh voice, sexeh body, sexeh attitude and looks down to earth although i cant say as i aint met her, but i’d wear cherry chapstick for her anyday. I wanna meet her and show her, I aint gay ;)

  7. 7
    storm Says:

    you guys, all you talk about is if she’s gay or not, give it a rest already…we live in world of different people & should learn to respect whoever for whatever they are.
    Besides her vocals totally rocks, i like the fact that she brought something new to the table apart from the everyday music i hear & her single “i kissed a girl” i dig it, it’s hot, sexy & it carries a positive message “live,love,respect”.

  8. 8
    Rae Says:

    Who exactly is she referring to at the song “you’re so gay”??? Who’s her ex-boyfriend??? and uhmm, is she dating Travis Maccoy from Gym Class Heroes or the actor that she was with in one of her interviews. I forgot his name.

  9. 9
    ren Says:

    katy perry is freakin awesome so if u think not then ur crazy i love her she s cool

  10. 10
    Laura Says:

    I love both the video and the lyrics of that song ‘i kissed the girl’. I like katy not minding if she’s gay or not. who cares; she is just hot.

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