Will Smith Wants to be President

December 9, 2007

Will Smith is one of the most recognizable and powerful actors in Hollywood and now he wants to use those attributes to be the President of the United States. He even has a platform. Smith plans to reform American healthcare and tackle homelessness.

“I always wanted to be the first black president but Barack Obama (a black presidential hopeful) stole my idea. That’s OK with me. Barack can go first and then I’ll take my turn.”

Smith went on to explain why he would start with healthcare and then weighed in on President Bush.

“The basis of human sanity is physical survival, right? So I’d start with universal healthcare and shelter. I can’t see that happening under Bush. Too many bad things have happened under his presidency. I don’t believe he is an evil man, I just think he has an unevolved perspective. It’s a good thing he’s served his time. Now it’s time for Barack Obama.”

Along with Oprah Winfrey, Smith is a huge Obama supporter. He has appeared in a video with other Hollywood stars supporting the Barack campaign and reportedly contributed financially. Smith has also said playing Barack Obama in a film would be the role of his life.

I’d have to hear a little more about Will’s political ideals but I think The Fresh Prince as president, with DJ Jazzy Jeff as second in command, could do a better job than what’s going on right now.

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2 Responses to “Will Smith Wants to be President”

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    kally Says:

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