Celebrities Without Make-Up

December 8, 2007

I know I have always been curious to see what celebrities look like without make up, so I searched and found various photos comparing celebrities with and without make-up. A few of them are not that bad, but I was shocked by some of them. Some of the pictures I found and compared were of Pamela Anderson, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz (whoa!), Britney Spears (although we all know she looks like hell 24/7 these days), Katharine McPhee, and Jessica Alba. It is amazing what a person can look like when they have a team of people making sure they look perfect. It’s nice to know they are human and have acne!

Check out the photos below and give yourself a boost!

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One Response to “Celebrities Without Make-Up”

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    Goddess18 Says:

    Halle Berry Looks so pretty with or with out make up… I think she should stop wearing it before she messes her face up too badly.. it still looks good for now…. The rest of you celebritys look like crap with out make up sorry!!! But with it on you look as beatuitful as ever!!!!