Usher Singing In The Rain (Photos and Video)

December 7, 2007

At the “Movies Rock” program at the Kodak Theatre, which aired Friday, December 7th, on CBS, the stars of both sides of Hollywood (musicians and actors) came together to celebrate the enduring relationship between music and film.

Charlize Theron, who was at the event, said,

“Music and movies have lasted longer than any marriage in Hollywood.”

But the performance with the most buzz was Usher’s “Singing in the Rain”. While most artists did a rock or pop song, Usher went more classic. Of Gene Kelly, the original singer in the rain, he said:

“All of the greats get copied.”

For the performance, Usher was able to cut it on the same sound stage where “Singing in the Rain” was originally filmed.

In other Usher news, he welcomed a son, Usher V, only 10 days ago. He said,

“He has been singing and screaming, just like his daddy.”

See photos of Usher’s performance and video .

See a clip of Usher performing at “Movies Rock” here, then compare it to the original:

Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain via

Get Video Code For YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s – Gene Kelly – Singing In The Rain

Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain

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