Vanessa Minnillo Wants Nick Lachey’s Babies Now!

December 6, 2007

Vanessa Minnillo is 6 years behind on her life plan so she wants Nick Lachey to get busy making babies. Sounds like she wants to mix marriage in there too, for alimony sake.

“I thought I’d have kids by 21. I thought I’d have three by the age of 25. Everybody says to wait until you’re 30 to have kids because they become your life. Now we have so much time together. I’ve learned to work and play when I can, because trust me, I plan to settle down, get married and have kids.”

This sounds like a public ultimatum to Nick. I’m sure this didn’t go over too well. Nick seems like he’d be a great dad and was also eager to have kids with Jessica. There must be a reason why he’s waiting with this girl. Maybe he told her if she went a year without any more Lindsay Lohan/knife toting pictures surfacing, he’d think about it. I must admit, their kids would probably be beautiful.

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One Response to “Vanessa Minnillo Wants Nick Lachey’s Babies Now!”

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    Tanja Short Says:

    Good news for Nick.
    I guess he is just eager to become a father to make his partnership even more durable than now.