50 Cent Snorts Coke!? (Video)

December 5, 2007

A video has just hit the internet that appears to have rapper 50 cent and his entourage snorting coke. In the video, a Croatian reporter is brought into 50’s dressing room to do an interview. As soon as he steps in, we get a visual of 50 and his entourage sitting around a table with their heads bent forward.

One of the men standing over them turns and indicates with hand gestures that the reporter should leave the room. You can clearly tell they reporter fells awkward and the camera guy keeps shooting as they walk out, and 50 goes back to his business.

A few seconds later 50 comes to the door and talks to the reporter.

You can catch what appears to be 50 doing coke on the video at about 1:30.

50 Cent Snorts Coke Video

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