Kirsten Gum Is A Hot Travel Channel Host

December 4, 2007

Meet Kirsten Gum, a host of the Travel Channel’s show “Cash and Treasures”. See photos, video and her biography here.

Kirsten Gum is the new host of the Travel Channel’s “Cash and Treasures”. The show’s second season premiered tonight, December 4, at 9 pm EST.

Kirsten Gum Biography

As a biography, Kirsten Gum was born in Alaska, but currently lives in Los Angeles. Kirsten began her broadcasting career at age 23 in Jefferson City, Missouri. She quickly moved up the ranks, stopping briefly in North Carolina to be named the sexiest woman in Charlotte … twice.

In 2003, Gum was a part of the Outdoor Life Network’s Tour de France coverage team. A cyclist herself, Kirsten completed the “Beast of the East” in October 2005, a 400-mile adventure race in Virginia. Her team’s second place finish earned her spot in the 450-mile Expedition Adventure Race in Moab, Utah.

Gum has also performed sportscasting duties for Nascar, ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, the PBR World Championships, World Cup Skiing, and the Dakar Rally, a 3-week off-road race through Africa.

All of these experiences have certainly helped prepare Kirsten for her hosting duties on “Cash and Treasures”. On the show, Kirsten takes viewers to publicly accessible locations to search for valuables like lost relics and buried jewels.

Despite her latest hosting gig, Kirsten gained the most attention on her stint with the Tour de France, with speculators discussing everything from her breast size to her boyfriend status. Some viewers thought the telecaster had had some “work” done to her chest size, while others assumed it was only related to weight gain. Real or not, the viewers love her, with one commenting,

“saying she is very pretty is like saying the sears tower is a tall building.”

See photos of Kirsten .

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16 Responses to “Kirsten Gum Is A Hot Travel Channel Host”

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  1. 1 Says:

    […] Are Still On Britney’s Ass Gabby Babble Do To Think Travel Channel Host Kirsten Gum Is Hot? Right Celebrity Harriet Carter And Decorating, Fun Stuff! Im Bringing Blogging Back Katie Looks Like She Wants To […]

  2. 2
    Jim Says:

    I used to cut and facet jem stones. My wife and I find your show “Cash for Treasures” very instering. My queton is , are you allowed to keep the stone that you find and have finished?

  3. 3
    chong Says:

    Kirsten Gum needs to review her knowledge before she said “Taiwan’s neighbor, China” in her Global New Year show tonight. Taiwan is not China’s neighbor, it is simply part of China under the control of a different political party. Taiwan has not officially become independent.
    It is not enough to be hot only. We need her to be reliable.

  4. 4
    Cheech Says:

    Taiwan is an independent nation. Get over it.

  5. 5
    Chris Donaldson Says:

    Kirsten is very hot. After seeing her on the travel channel, I fell in love. What a beauty, and personality to boot.

    Taiwan is NOT part of China. Kirsten could tell me Taiwan is Iowa’s neighbor and I would just nod my head in agreement.

  6. 6
    ttim Says:

    yes, yes, yes Kirsten is HOT! HOT! HOT!…. and her “cash & treasures” show ain’t bad either…………….

  7. 7
    BigK Says:

    Kirsten is such a smoken hot woman. Georgeous looks, mesmerizing smile, funny, and adventurous to boot. Sounds like the perfect woman to me. Is she single?

  8. 8
    Mark Drais Says:

    Hey Kirsten!

    You have got to be the hottest looking treasure hunter I’ve ever laid eyes on!

    Any plans on doing or, have you done a show on sunken treasure?

    As in Atocha, 1715 Fleet the El Cazador.

    I’m a collector of the coins from these ships. It would be really cool to see a show on this topic.


  9. 9
    JACK Says:


  10. 10
    Sam Says:

    All the stones, gems, diamonds, gold anyone and everyone finds on that show I would trade for Kirstens heart, sighhsssss.

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