Amy Winehouse Wanders Streets In Bra & Moves With White Powder

December 4, 2007

Amy Winehouse is a hot mess. Britain’s Britney was photographed wandering around at 5:45 am wearing only jeans and a bra. But Amy’s representative insists that Amy was not on a binge, but she was awakened by a noise outside.

“She heard all these noises, and she went outside to look and there were all these photographers. She’d been sound asleep, and then there were all these photographers – of course she looked startled.�?

British newspapers reported the singer – captured in photos without makeup or her trademark beehive – was “muttering incomprehensibly.�?

A few days later Amy moved from the home she shared with her husband, claiming she shared too many wonderful memories with him there. Amy moved into a new building and was seen moving CD’s, other various belongings, and a bag of mysterious white powder.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…..

Check out more photos of Amy wandering around barefoot, in her bra and of the white powder below.

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