Heather Kuzmich Is Asperger’s Model

December 4, 2007

Heather Kuzmich has found herself to be a new role model for people with Asperger’s syndrome. See photos, video and biography here.

Last week, Heather Kuzmich was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, which would be just a regular weekly event on the show. But Heather is not a regular person. Meet Heather Kuzmich, an aspiring model and face of Asperger’s syndrome.

Last week I was very disappointed when my favorite girl of this seasons ANTM was eliminated. Heather is a beautiful girl who takes the most amazing pictures and captures the audience. She was Covergirl of the week 8 out of 9 weeks, including the week she was eliminated.

Heather Kuzmich Biography

What we know about Heather Kuzmich is that she is a 21-year-old, gifted college student who studies art in Valparaiso, IN. She also suffers from Asperger’s, a mild form of Autism that hinders her social interaction and verbal communication. This caused many hardships for her in life. Growing up she had few friends and her mother watched as she struggled with day to day life.

Being on ANTM has changed Heather’s life, even though she faced personal challenges within the show. Early in the show Heather was socially isolated; the girls whispered about her within earshot, and viewers see her crying on the phone to her mother. But instead of viewers laughing at Heather, they embraced her and made her one of the most popular contestants in the show’s four and a half years running.

Despited being eliminated, Heather is determined to make this a positive experience and use her growing popularity to continue modeling and eventually become a national spokeswoman for Asperger’s.

Heather is already a positive role model to many with and without Aperger’s. I’m sure she will continue to become an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

See more pictures of Heather, along with a video below.

Video of Heather Kuzmich

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2 Responses to “Heather Kuzmich Is Asperger’s Model”

  1. 1
    Layla Newman Wood Says:

    After watching Heather on ANTM I must say that she was very inspiring. Each week I couldn’t wait to see her photos and to watch her grow. Good Luck Heather.

  2. 2
    rachael alice schipper Says:

    dear heather hi my name is rachael im nearly 16 in five weeks.i suffer from aspergers syndrome and i like singing and i like using computers i have 1 brother james and 2 sister zoe and jennifer.my sister anoyers me sometimes and i sometimes yell at her she is 7 and my sister jennifer is 21 and my brother is 19.i live in ****** levin nz.

    from rachael