Joan Van Ark Had Plastic Surgery (Photos)

December 3, 2007

Meet Joan Van Ark, the loved actress who starred in Dallas and Knots Landing for years. Apparently she recently had something related to a chemical peel done. See her biography and photos here.

Joan Van Ark was spotted December 1, 2007, at an AIDS Day theater event, and it appeared that she’d just had some work done. Joan tried to cover up with some make-up, but it only made things worse – and for some reason she just opted for no lipstick whatsoever, even though the chemical peel seems to have removed her lips completely.

Joan Van Ark Biography

As a biography, Joan Van Ark was born on June 16, 1943, so her age is 64. Joan was born in New York City, but her professional career began at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. She has been married to her husband, John Marshall, since 1966. They have one child together, Vanessa Marshall.

Van Ark took on the role as Valene Ewing originally as a one-time guest appearance on Dallas in 1978. After the writers worked her character into a few more episodes, there was no stopping her. She played the character into the spinoff Knots Landing until 1992. An interesting fact about Joan and co-star Julie Harris: Joan was the second youngest enrollee at the Yale School of Drama on a scholarship – the first was Julie Harris, Joan’s on-screen mother in Knots Landing.

Joan is less known for her work as a cartoon voiceover actress, most notably as the lead in 1979’s Spiderwoman airing on Saturday mornings.

Interestingly, Joan’s latest guest role was on the plastic surgery show Nip/Tuck. A set insider says that it took hours of hair and makeup preparation before the actress was ready to shoot. The always thin Van Ark was rumored to have had only several glasses of water with honey and a banana all day.

Even more interestingly, her web page still has a photo from what looks like the 1990s – that looks nothing like the photo above! I’d stick with the old one, though, too.

See more photos of Joan .

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