Tara Reid Hosts Hooker’s Ball (Photos)

December 3, 2007

A few days ago the internet world became privy to the Hooker’s Ball poster featuring “A-list” actress Tara Reid. The party was billed as “Darwin’s naughtiest night of the year…R Rated Very Raunchy Event.”

Well, the event went down last night and we have pictures of Tara Reid in all her wonder hosting the party. It was held in New Zealand where Tara judged a wet t-shirt contest and a manager at the Discovery Nightclub said she “may be dressed up in lingerie or even as a prostitute.”

The ‘A-List’ billing Tara got is funny considering she’s being paid only $3500 to show her face at parties this week in Australia. For comparison sake, Paris Hilton only considers contracts with at least six zeros. I’m actually surprised Tara even wanted to be paid to hang with the porn stars and beds.

See the photos below of Tara arriving in Sydney and hosting the party.

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One Response to “Tara Reid Hosts Hooker’s Ball (Photos)”

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    ranx Says:

    Darwin is in the North of Australia, not New Zealand