Buy ‘Causes 1′ Before It’s Gone

December 2, 2007

The independent label Waxploitation has created an awesome line up of indie artists for the CD entitled “Causes 1″. 100% of the proceeds will go to three non-profits helping the population of Darfur: Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam America.

The CD is limited edition only, and the music will only be available on iTunes for 90 days – creators of the CD wish to highlight the urgency of the situation in Darfur. “Causes 1″ was released November 27.

Maybe it’s just because I LOVE Bloc Party and Bright Eyes, but I’m really excited about this album. You better believe it’s on the Christmas list.

For the all of the artists who contributed to the album and their songs, see .

Animal Collective – safer (exclusive live version)
Black Keys – stay all night (exclusive chulahoma Session)
Bloc Party – rhododendrons
Bright Eyes – coat check dream song (exclusive live version)
Cornelius – wataridori (exclusive piano version)
David Sylvian – late night shopping (exclusive chris vrenna remix)
Death Cab for Cutie – world shut your mouth (rare julian cope cover)
(International) Noise Conspiracy – washington bullets
The Cure – the walk (exclusive live version)
The Shins – turn on me (exclusive clint mansell remix)
Spoon – rhthm & soul (exclusive middle version)
Teargas & Plateglass – one day across the valley
Thievery Corporation – passing the stars
Travis – gimme some truth (exclusive john lennon cover)

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