Britney Spears’ Birthday Party

December 2, 2007

Britney Spears celebrated her birthday last night at the Scandinavian Mansion of Style with her friends Alli Sims and Sam Lutfi. Britney turned age 26 today, December 2.

Apparently Paris Hilton was there too, but she bailed on Britney before going to the after-party. The two left Scandinavian together, but after Britney pulled away in her car, Paris put on makeup and then went back into the party. Ouch – was she really just pretending to leave with her? That’s just wrong – and on the girl’s birthday!

Also at Scandinavian, but not necessarily for Britney’s birthday, were Sharon Stone, Claus Hjelmbak, Lady Victoria Hervey, Brittny Gastineau, and Casey Johnson. I’m sure they loved being there on the same night as Britney – who wouldn’t love a show like that?

Spears got a free fur jacket at the party and received some platinum jewelry for her birthday. Rumor has it she also left with a good looking young man who came back to her hotel. Does the girl ever sleep at home? She’s always at a hotel.

See more photos from the birthday party .

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