Lip Injections – The New Hollywood Fad

December 1, 2007

It seems like everyone is getting lip injections these days. And despite looking ridiculous, young starlets don’t seem to mind going out right after the procedure. Stars like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears have all been linked to the surgery.

Here’s Paris Hilton at Crimson last night. That looks awful. Just stay home for one night while your lips are healing – what could possibly have been worth getting photographed like that? Apparently just the chance to land in the tabloids. Paris also made news last night when she jumped into the wrong SUV – brilliant.

Up next is Jessica Simpson, who admitted to having Restylane injections once before, but swore she’d never do it again. Well, she might have done it again, according to some speculators. She showed up at Walt Disney World in Orlando yesterday to perform, and viewers seemed to think her lips were a little fuller. Her rep, however, is denying it.

And there’s Britney Spears, who ran over a photographer’s foot, in part because she was trying to hide her recent lip injections. At least she had the good sense to try to cover those things up.

See more photos of potential lip injection culprits.

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