Jordan aka Katie Price Photos

December 1, 2007

Jordan, aka Katie Price, reminded everyone that she is a married woman by wearing “Mrs. Andre” emblazoned underwear and proudly flashing them to everyone (more photos below). She spent a night out on the town to celebrate her sister Sophie’s birthday and partied at Embassy nightclub.

The buxom beauty and mother of three made no effort to conceal her goods as evident from the pictures below. Jordan, who met hubby Peter Andre while the two appeared on “I’m A Celebrity”, weighed in on the current show and told the Daily Mail that she thinks crazy ass Janice Dickinson is “brilliant”, but does not approve of the Cerys Matthews/Marc Bannerman romance.

“I can’t believe Marc and Cerys – they weren’t even trying to hide how they felt! When me and Pete fell for each other in there we tried to keep it under wraps and I said to him that I needed to sort things out when I got out because I was seeing someone, but I wasn’t even living with thingy-bob.”

I’m surprised that Jordan didn’t take a page out of Cheryl Cole’s book and have her ass tattooed

More photos of the Jordan (Katie Price) below.

You can see more photos of the Jordan (Katie Price) here!

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