Jordan (Katie Price) To Have Fourth Boob Job (Photos)

November 18, 2007

Jordan, aka Katie Price will have a fourth boob job next month in order to stay sexy.

Jordan had her third child, Princess Tiaamii in June, and feels her 32FF size breasts (see more photos of them below, heh heh) are sagging.

“After three kids my boobs have dropped and I want to make them pert again. It will be my fourth boob job, but I want new implants.

“And if I have new boobs they will be exclusive to Pete – nobody else will have touched them. They will still be big, just not as big and I am going for the fake, American-style boob job, I love that.”

“The fake, American-style boob job”
– um Katie, did you think your English boob job didn’t look fake? Heh…

Jordan has been overheard whining about the fact that she is “never in the papers anymore”. She claims it is because she is a mother and is considered “boring”.

Her husband, singer Peter Andre, is said to be excited about Jordan having her breasts reduced. He looks at pictures of her when she was 19 and want her boobs to be more “natural looking”.

See more photos below of Jordan (Katie Price) and her buxom boobs before she gets the 32FF girls reduced.

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