Laura O’Toole is Daniel Radcliffe’s Girlfriend (Photos and Video)

November 6, 2007

Harry Potter has a girlfriend! It looks like Daniel Radcliffe is cozying up to an older woman, actress Laura O’Toole, who is four years older than Daniel. See photos, video and a biography of Laura here!

Laura O  Toole
Laura O’Toole

Laura O’Toole is in the news as she has reportedly been named as Daniel Radcliffe’s girlfriend. The pair met while she understudied the role of Jill, a character that gets naked in a scene with Daniel in the play Equus. Laura played the role of Jill on stage only once with Daniel. Rumor is that they started dating during the play, which ended about five months ago.

Laura O’Toole Biography

As a biography, all that is really known of Laura is that she was born on June 5, 1985 in Dublin, Ireland. She got her start in the Irish TV series On Home Ground on RTE. Currently, she has been working part-time as a waitress in between gigs. The producers of Equus were quite impressed with Laura and asked her to play the role of Jill opposite Lily Allen’s brother Alfie when they go on tour next year in the UK.

Read more about Laura here.

Photos and video of Laura O’Toole are below.

Laura O  Toole1 laura o  toole2
Photos of Laura O’Toole

Video of Laura O’Toole

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    foxy_lady Says:


  5. 5
    laura o' tooole Says:

    horroible…looks like shit what fatso fatass fatty fatty how to compare with beautiful emma watson…daniel please wake up!!its morning!!emma is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    halm Says:

    Eh hold on a bloody second……Do you lot have any idea what you’re talking about??? They’re a lovely couple who deserve to be happy just as much as the rest of us!!Get a life and leave them to it!!!She’s a beautiful girl who doesn’t need to prove herself to you lot by packin a load of makeup on her face and tartin herself up just to satisfy you…Clearly he fancies the pants off her which says a lot considering he could probably have who he wants (including your precious Emma)!!Losers!!!!

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    shaina Says:


  8. 8
    Safira Says:

    where’s my HARRY?????
    I hope it’s over…emma is better than she…so horrible……..!!!!!!
    she so fatty…and like my grandmother….

  9. 9
    michelle Says:

    Daniel Radcliffe how can u like a other girl..
    Because I love u a lot Daniel..
    Plzzzz don’t like a other girl..
    If you want to meet me..
    U come in India..
    I’m Sorry..:(
    But I love u a lot..
    Missss u a lot..

    Daniel, u can mail me, my email id is :

    Love u..
    U can’t like a other person..

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    binka Says:

    You Emma fans are just jealous. Dan has been with Laura for already for half a year. She isn’t the only gf he has, he has a few and you girls are just jealous you aren’t one of them.

    And to the girls making fun of Laura’s looks, bet you lot aren’t so hot either.

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