Emily Nakanda Quits X Factor After Happy Slapping Video & Photos

November 2, 2007

Emily Nakanda has quit X Factor after video and photos of “happy-slapping’ emerge to the public.

Emily Nakanda is a fifteen-year-old girl of great vocal talent, and was favored to win this years X Factor. She was the youngest person to ever try out for the show at age 14. However, after the recent video and pictures of her “happy-slapping�? another teenage girl, called Anna, she has quit the show.

“Happy-slapping�? is when an unsuspecting target is attacked while an accomplice records the incident on a camera or smart phone. Unfortunately Emily Nakanda seems to have participated in such a disturbing crime and the video and pictures have been leaked.

No one thought Emily Nakanda was this type of girl. Last year she nearly died when she was struck down with peritonitis. She regularly sings in school and church choirs and seems to be a good role model. The leak of this video has disturbed and disappointed her family, fans and the judges at X Factor.

The video is quite disturbing with a sickening scene where the choir girl tells the victim she is going to rip out her hair and says,

“If it rips out I’m gonna get blood on my clothes.”

Emily’s mother is quite disappointed and said she has forced her daughter to withdraw from the X Factor competition. Louis Friberg, said:

“As a family we are heartbroken and very disappointed with Emily’s behavior, we feel that there is no choice but to withdraw Emily from the competition.

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2 Responses to “Emily Nakanda Quits X Factor After Happy Slapping Video & Photos”

  1. 1
    Sarah and Hollie Says:

    Hello this is Sarah and Hollie. We are so disgusted at Emily. We hate her now and i think so does the hole world, she is a cery stupid girl happy slapping an poor innocent women. But I am glad shes off the X factor now because she cant sing anyway!

  2. 2
    Jamie Harris Says:


    Emily Is A Good Friend Of Mine.

    That Girl Not Only Insulted Her Fmaily But Also Got What Was Coming To Her.

    I Love Emily To Bits.