Ellen and Portia Split

October 25, 2007

Ellen Degeneres is still making headlines, but this time it’s not about any doggie drama, but drama in her own personal life. Star Magazine (heh, I know, consider the source) is reporting that Ellen Degeneres and her girlfriend of three years, Portia De Rossi, have split.

A source told Star that the honeymoon is over between Ellen and Portia while also revealing her recent breakdown on her show regarding the whole Iggy scandal:

“Ellen would never have broken down like that on TV if things were right in her home life.”

Good God, with all the publicity that was going on with the whole Iggy hand off, who wouldn’t break down? That would certainly put a toll on me, and okay, if things aren’t going that well at home, sure, that’s going to add to the stress of it. It also doesn’t help that Howard Stern announced on his show that Ellen has handed off pups nine times before.

On the other hand, another source revealed:

“Portia has been telling Ellen she’s very unhappy at home. When it comes down to it, she wants to be with someone younger and hotter. She wants out, but Ellen has been begging her to stay. Portia is really everything in this world to her.�?

So Portia wants someone younger and hotter. Sure, I get that, and isn’t this exactly what Ellen did to Alexandra Hedison, her partner just prior to Portia? She left Alexandra to be with someone younger and hotter, didn’t she?

And what do you think? Do you believe that Ellen and Portia split?

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5 Responses to “Ellen and Portia Split”

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  2. 2
    Maria Garcia Says:

    OMG!!! Ellen, I have always admire you. I have envied every girl that has shared your life…EXCEPT when I found out you were dating the GORGEOUS ALEXANDRA… during that time my dear Ellen… you were very lucky!!! You dropped her for Portia… see? we always pay the bill of our mistakes.

    Alex… what about a nice tequila shot for a heart break… come to Mexico I will take very good care of you.

  3. 3
    Alyssa Says:

    Hihi, Just to let you knw that I really like watching your show. I will go crazy if I missed your show. Seeing you on tv makes me want to be a talkshow host too.

  4. 4
    thecelah ndagire Says:

    if a man lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman (virce versa) both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them Leviticus 20;13. Jesus loves you just the way you are,you are his child and he needs u so do you.his love is great and surpasses human understanding. think about it and try knowing him more.the wage of sin is death. God bless you

  5. 5
    kathy cleveland Says:

    Ellen all I have to say is when you do things that you are not supposed to do than you deserve what is coming to you.Just cause you are rich and famous doesn’t give you more rights.The bigger you are the harder you will fall