Nicoletta Mantovani is Pavarotti’s Will

October 24, 2007

There is a mysterious twist going on regarding Luciano Pavarotti’s death will. According to some individuals who were present during the tenor’s last hours, they say that he would have rewritten his will early before his death not during his last minute.
It has been reported that Luciano Pavarotti appears to have been forced to sign his last rewritten will regarding his property in the United States, an estimate of around $25 million dollars.

In his will, which had been changed right before his death, Big Luciano, 71, expressed his desire to leave all of his real estate assets within the United States to his second wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, 38. The tenor shockingly excluded from his will all of his three daughters from his previous first marriage.

The public prosecutors from the Republic of Pesaro will open a new investigation with the hypothesis of criminal circumvention under Luciano Pavarotti’s incompetence to signing his latest will during his last moments at his villa in Pesaro on the 29th of July this year. The prosecutors have acquired press articles that speak of his will, such as an interview that was taken by a prestigious Italian magazine to Pavarotti’s notary public, Luciano Buonanno, where he tells how he spoke to the tenor at his home close to Modena on July right before his death.

The notary public states that he was convinced Pavarotti didn’t quite get what he was signing and every time he tried to raise the question, he was interrupted by his OWN LAWYERS.
In the meantime, it’s gotten to be a big shock to Luciano Pavarotti’s heirs. As how it appears to be, there will not be any lucky fortune for anyone. His descending relatives will have to make account of his unpaid debts rather than bickering to split the grub. In fact, the family notary public discovered that the Modena tenor had left millions of dollars, 18 million euros exactly, in debt to the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank. During his last months he had spent a large amount of money in trying to cure his illness.

While the controversy infuriates the family over Luciano Pavarotti’s will, an important weekly Italian magazine called, “Chi�? (Who), has exclusively revealed a new tragedy that is striking the Pavarottis. The widow, Nicoletta Mantovani, is presently suffering from multiple sclerosis. The magazine reporter had spotted her and her daughter, Alice by surprise as they were walking in to the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center in Manhattan where she had in fact been spotted entering a numerous times before.

More Photos of Nicoletta Mantovani are below.

You can read more of Nicoletta Mantovani HERE.

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    ralph d. medici Says:

    I don;t know the law but a husband can leave his money to his wife and all estates etc. I think this was luciano pavarotti;s wishes to do this from what I am reading. ralph.