Britney Spears Blackout CD

October 20, 2007

There has been much hype about Britney Spears‘ new Blackout CD. Many people expect the album will tank after her failed comeback performance on the VMAs, and the disappointing “Gimme Morevideo making its rounds on the internet.

Funny thing about comebacks, they don’t always arrive on schedule, and the first release from the Blackout album, the techno beat “Gimme More” is already climbing the charts.

With more and more songs from Blackout being leaked onto the internet, Jive Records announced earlier this week that they will be releasing the album two weeks ahead of schedule, on October 30.

Putting Britney Spears’ personal life aside (if it’s possible to do so), it is indisputable that she has become a pop icon of our time, and the public tends to gravitate towards those they have loved in the past. Britney is poised to follow in the footsteps of other great comebacks – Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Cher, Madonna and John Travolta, to name a few.

View the Britney Spears Blackout CD promo video below.

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    Adeline and Hazel Says:

    Britney Spears New Blackout CD…

    Jive Records has announced they will be releasing Britney Spears new CD, Blackout, on October 30th, two weeks ahead of schedule. The decision was made because songs from the CD are being leaked on the internet.
    I don’t know what it says about me…