Britney Gets Lips Plumped – Runs Over Photographer

October 19, 2007

Once again Britney Spears has messed things up in her custody case. First, she misses a drug test, which is equivalent to a failed one. Then yesterday, Britney apparently stood up her parenting coach. The coach has been quite lenient with Spears, even traveling to her home to make the appointment, but Brit has put in no effort.

In the mean time, Britney has managed to schedule in getting her lips plumped. Britney was seen leaving a medical office yesterday, making sure her face was covered. She was so desperate to get away without having her photo taken that she ran over a photographer! Too bad for her; they did manage to snap a shot of Britney’s newly luscious lips – no, not the ones your thinking – and she looks weird. This chick really has priorities! Check out the video and photos below!

Britney Runs Over Photographer After Getting Lips Plumped Video

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One Response to “Britney Gets Lips Plumped – Runs Over Photographer”

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    Jen's Juice Says:

    Britney gets Her Lips Plumped…

    Britney Spears can’t manage to get to her drug tests or parenting sessions but she found the time to get her lips plumped. WTF is wrong with this chick and how come no one around ……