Karen Dejo is a Latin Sex Tape

October 18, 2007

Meet Karen Dejo, the latest Latina movie star to have a scandalous sex tape. See her videos and hot photos here. She is a Latin sex symbol and proud of it.

She is a movie actress from Peru, a lingerie model, and a very hot Peruvian woman as explained deftly on a bilingual blog. Her filmography includes four television series including “Bellas y Ambiciosas.” A starring actor in that series made the sex tape with her.

Karen Dejo downplayed the importance of the erotic video that shows hot naked scenes of her and the actor making love in a beach.

“I believe that it is a subject that already is clarified. Right now I am upset, but please understand that I have a pile of things to do, because what has been published for me does not have any career merit�?, said Karen Dejo angrily when being interviewed by the portal RPP.

Karen Dejo’s sex video was posted in an online internet forum, and the hot screen pictures from the video were published by a local newspaper in Peru.

What we know of her biography is that she was originally a dancer and her father passed away at a young age. She was discovered while dancing and grew into modeling and acting. In a Spanish language interview, she confessed to being totally happy that people consider her a sex symbol. Of course that was before the scandalous tape broke. Now she isn’t just a sex symbol — she is sex.

A video is below in black and white. See Karen Dejo in bed, in lingerie, and very very hot.

Meanwhile you can find some awesome videos here for your academic study.

Karen Dejo Sexy Video Tape

Sex is a good thing, and some young actresses around the world want everyone to enjoy their’s. Even Peruvian bombshells like Karen.

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