Nicole Jaracz is Drew Carey’s Girlfriend

October 13, 2007

Meet Nicole Jaracz, the fiance of comedian and television star Drew Carey. She her pictures and biography.

She is an accomplished artist as the picture shows. She just announced her wedding engagement to the Hollywood star. According to the publicist, “they are both very happy and excited about their future together.�?

Nicole Jaracz Biography

She is a chef by trade as a graduate of a cooking school. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so she must be an army cook. Drew is an Oscar-caliber eater. There is no wedding date set yet, perhaps because they cannot buy a large enough cake.

Nicole is an excellent poet and artist. Three of her pictures are here, including the self portrait at the bottom. She would need a lot of canvas to draw Drew. Here is a sampling of her poetry.


No more tears, my Mother said
As I bowed my head, my head in my hands
No more tears, my Mother said
Knowing the truth, knowing what’s to come
No more tears, my Mother said
Holding back her tears, as mine began to flow
No more tears my Mother said
Closing her eyes, resting her head
No more tears, she would’ve said
With me sitting beside her, holding her hand
No more tears I thought, knowing she’s here,
Here along side me, watching over me
No more tears was her wish
No tears of fear, but tears of joy
No more tears, I remember her say
Very peaceful and still in her bed she lay

See more photos of Nicole after they become available.

still looking! add to comments if you have them.
Nicole Jaracz Photos

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3 Responses to “Nicole Jaracz is Drew Carey’s Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    annom Says:

    Nicole and Drew also have a 5 yr old son together and they have been dating for about 10 years…

  2. 2
    nicole Says:

    This is not Drew Careys fiances work, this is actually my work (the picture and the poem). Just because something is posted under “Nicole Jaracz” doesn’t mean it is hers.

  3. 3
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