Mechele Linehan Hughes is ‘The Last Seduction’

April 3, 2008

Meet Mechele Linehan, previously known as Mechele Hughes, who is a stripper accused of copying a murder plot in the movie The Last Seduction. See her photos.

Her fiancee was the victim ten years ago. The jury will soon decide if she did this murder mystery. Meanwhile, you can decide if photos of the Alaskan stripper are worth a second look.

Update: Mechele Linehan was sentenced to 99 years in prison for murder. She was convicted of the crime in October 2007.

Mechele Linehan Biography

She is a 34-year old former stripper who is accused of masterminding the murder of her fiancee to collect a $1 million dollar insurance policy. So watch it boys when you try to provide for your family until death do us part.

Mechele is from Alaska originally where she danced in a stripper bar appropriately named the Great Alaska Bush Company. Get it? Yes.

To continue her biography, she eventually moved to Washington state where she married a doctor, graduated with a psychology degree from Saint Martin’s University and became a soccer mom to her daughter. At the time of her arrest, she ironically worked for the Washington State Executive Ethics Board. Cheeky!

Her poor stooge of a significant other was named Kent Leppink, a 36-year-old fisherman. Her alleged stooge of a lover is named John Carlin III. He was found guilty of the murder in 2006. What men wll do for sex and money never ceases to appall me.

The plot of The Last Seduction movie is simple. A naughty wife convinces her lover to kill her husband. You want to think the husband deserves it, and in the end she gets away with it because of a sympathetic detective. It starred actress Linda Fiorentino as the naughty housewife, with actor Steven Emmert.

See the pictures and do not miss the foot fetish video from the movie.

The last picture is actress Linda Fiorentino.

Mechele Linehan Copied this Video?

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4 Responses to “Mechele Linehan Hughes is ‘The Last Seduction’”

  1. 1
    Adeline and Hazel Says:

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    Vada Sultenfuss is Getting Married – Celebrity Warship
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  2. 2
    Tina Brady Says:

    I TRIED THE 48 HOURS AND NOW WANT TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT ITS CLEAR no one believes she was convited because she was a stripper.I danced with her and know she went down for all the wrong reasons.I could do a movie better then that judge ruled her sentence.I know the truth.I see a innocent womon behind bars.If you are going to learn the truth do a movie that proves she didnt have a chance in hell with 9 women as the jury.OJ walked because he left his jersey on during football season.

  3. 3
    northinalaska Says:

    Mechele Linehan is not a stripper. She was a stripper for only 1.5 years of her life when she was only 21-22 years old, and at the time of Kent Leppink’s killing she’d already quit dancing. She worked constantly until she made enough money to quit and pay her own way through college. What kind of a gold digger does that?

    Most of the information you’ve posted here has been refuted and trashed by the defense and you would find that out if you read the trial transcripts. Unfortunately, the Alaskan press did not bother to substantiate anything the investigators, state Troopers, or the prosecution said. Instead they printed it and then the rest of the country’s media merely repeated it, over and over again. Never were they asked to prove their wild fantasies about the bewitching and evil Lolita who control men old enough to have fathered her.

    As for the movie, it ended up being dropped as an issue altogether because the witness who gave the information to the prosecution had her own diary read back to her that showed she was perjuring herself. Because she’d been jealous of the young Mechele Linehan years ago, especially since Ms. Linehan was so popular she didn’t even have to actually dance very often and she still made large tips, and because she wanted attention when this trial hit the media, she lied! Thus, your entire entry about the movie is false information, and unfair to Ms. Linehan.

    Here in Alaska, we watched our troopers botch the investigation, the lead investigator ignore evidence and more likely suspects in order to create a more sensational case to advance her career, our unethical prosecutor mislead the media and charge this woman despite not having enough evidence to do so, an ignorant jury convict her because they figured it was probably true since she “used to be an exotic dancer,” and a woman-hating judge give her 99 years in prison despite all of the problems with the trial, despite the fact no one was accusing Ms. Linehan of having actually committing the murder herself, and despite the fact that she had no criminal history!

    She was horrifically railroaded and crap like this is all over the Internet and in the press because no one actually did their journalistic jobs so that our authorities were held accountable!

  4. 4
    the mighty disturbed Says:

    Mechele is clearly guilty. she plotted to get her hands on the insurance money. her fiance knew that, had her name removed, and told his parents that if something were to happen to him, Mechele and Carlin would be behind it.
    she purposefully left the note with the directions to the cabin that NEVER existed.
    for anyone who thinks she is innocent, do you honestly believe that it was just a coincidence that when he followed her instructions, there just happen to be a psychotic waiting in the same spot with a loaded rifle, ready to shoot him?
    her explanation of that alone shows me she is guilty.
    to bad she had to give birth, because now her daughter is also a victim.
    murder is the gift that keeps on giving