Is the Britney Spears ‘Sex Tape’ Real? (Video)

October 3, 2007

A video of Britney Spears humping a one-night stand in Hawaii has the internet screaming today. A Britney Spears sex tape?

britney spears sex tape
Britney Spears is So Sexy

That is the claim anyway, although all that has been produced is the still shot above. And we don’t even think that is really her, much less that Britney Spears has a sex tape.

But if you are to believe it, a 28-year old bar trash kept a hidden camera in his hotel room while humping Spears in 2006 while she was on vacation in Hawaii. He claims that he has not released it yet because his sexual performance was substandard. All of this shown to In Touch magazine according to reports. The film will be worth a lot of money.

“It was just normal sex, we didn’t do anything crazy. It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out.”

That is pathetic. Guys who release sex tapes are creeps regardless of their sexual performance in bed. Guy who are bad in bed are creeps too. Smack them all.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Britney Spears sex tape hoax in all it’s glory. We advise that you not waste your time watching this video, particularly our friends. Note that it is a joke and totally safe for work.

Britney Spears Sex Tape Video (Hoax!)

Right. Just go away now. Who in the world would want to watch Britney doing the monkey thing with a fat party animal in Hawaii?

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8 Responses to “Is the Britney Spears ‘Sex Tape’ Real? (Video)”

  1. 1
    Evisu Says:

    Total fake. Agreed.

  2. 2
    Bricks and Stones Gossip Says:

    […] Source […]

  3. 3
    Jen's Juice Says:

    Britney Spears Sex Tape!?…

    Some low-life Britney met while vacationing in Hawaii is claiming that he and Britney bumped nasties. Being the gentleman that he is, he hid a video camera, unbeknownst to Britney, and video taped the whole thing. Supposedly this is a photo from the …..

  4. 4 Says:

    […] source […]

  5. 5
    micky dootza Says:

    what the funk is this! this is crap! fuck off!

  6. 6
    amit Says:

    Maa k Loray is me britney kahan hai, kutta chocolate kha raha hai.

  7. 7
    jimbob Says:

    The author is clearly very annoyed at this Britney Spears hoax, and wants people to leave her alone.

    They also “advise that you not waste your time watching this video, particularly our friends”

    Which begs the question why it was included in the first place. To draw attention to the site in google, and perhaps make some money from the banner ads here? Surely not! ( [tags]Britney Spears, sex tape, video[/tags] )

    No, this site wants people to stop gossiping about Britney! And when you’re done reading this page, you can flick through some of the other pages at the bottom, and share in the author’s disgust at people using Britney to make money there, too. Pages such as:

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  8. 8
    AlbertAL Says:

    And Bye.