Esperanza Spalding Talks Americans for the Arts’ Young Artist Award and Emily’s D+Evolution

October 18, 2016

Esperanza Spalding opens up about winning the Americans for the Arts’ Young Artist Award. The multi-Grammy winning jazz artist also reflected upon her career and her latest project, Emily’s D+Evolution.

Esperanza Spalding

The celebrated singer and musician first drew critical notice in 2006 with her stunning debut solo album, Junjo.’ A few years later, she achieved international fame as the winner of the coveted Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2011, winning against the likes of Justin Bieber.

In the years that have followed she has had success upon success including her latest project, Emily’s D+Evolution. And, not least, it’s refreshing when an artist reinvigorates a genre that some might think of as having had its past glories.

Now her most recent accolade is the prestigious Americans for the Arts’ Young Artist Award. In an interview with Billboard she said, “”I’ve had my nose down in the tree hollow working this project out.” Elaborating, she added, “The last two years have been really challenging. To get this project off the ground, figure out what it was, who wants to hear it, how it can work in the live performance context…all of it.”

In reflecting upon the award, she said, Americans for the Arts’ Young Artist Award “So it’s helpful to get those little affirmations that you’re getting what you’re going for. When you realize people are paying attention to your work and appreciating it, it’s a big boost, of course, for any creator. So I feel grateful.”

In reflecting upon her past and current achievements, she said, “”Accomplish — that word doesn’t stick with me…There’s no, ‘Oh yeah, we accomplished this. Yah!’ She added, “The work of art is my life and it’s forever a working in progress, and that’s what satisfies me and makes me want to do stuff.”

You see the complete interview here and check videos of some of Esperanza Spalding’s performances below.

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