Iggy Azalea Opens up about Album Release Delay and Nick Young Split

October 1, 2016

Iggy Azalea opens up about her ex-fiance, NBA star Nick Young and the cheating scandal that led to their split. She also reveals why she chose to delay the release of her new album and how the dissolution of their relationship has inspired new music.

Iggy Azalea

The 26-year-old Australian rapper’s sophomore studio album, ‘Digital Distortion’ was set for a July release, but that date has come and gone. It was her much anticipated comeback album, after a year that saw her the brunt of social media bullying and backlash and facing a barrage of accusations of so-called “cultural appropriation” for being a white artist in hip hop.

Not least, the high profile split from Nick Young after he cheated on her with another woman who’s now pregnant with her child. It was a story that dominated headlines and social media chatter for weeks on end.

For the first time she breaks her silence about the album that temporarily fell by the wayside, telling The Daily Mail, “‘I feel really confident about it.” Elaborating, she added, “I was ready to release it in July and it’s no secret I had my personal life fall apart and I really felt like I really needed the time, a few months to collect myself.”

Her debut album, ‘The New Classic,’ of 2014 put her on the map — it even received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album — but that’s been quite a while, especially in the pop music landscape where, like dog years, every month away from the spotlight is an eternity.

She made no announcement of a new release date of “Digital Distortion,” but she did go on to say, “‘It’s been so long since I’ve released an album and… I felt like I needed to collect myself and be okay before I’m ready to [promote it]. But I’m really excited about it. It’s great. I feel very confident in it.”

And, as noted, not everyone was universally celebrating her achievement, not in this current cultural climate that sees many an artist accused of the aforementioned, so-called “cultural appropriation.” All that, plus the flack she’s gotten over her plastic surgery, which she has acknowledged in previous interviews, and other such perennial trivialities that social media tends to obsess over.

She said, “I think the amount of criticism I receive, I have to make sure everything is that little sprinkle of perfection, because I know I’ll always get so much criticism.” She added, ” So I’ve really taken my time the last two years to make sure it’s a really solid project and I feel really confident in it.”

As for getting over the breakup with her ex-fiance, she credited her two horses — Strictly Business and Defender –helped her recover from her split. She said of the stallions, ‘I think horses are definitely a big stress relief for me. Not just riding them, but taking care of them. You have to be very patient.”

Continuing, she added, “I think for me being a successful person and also being a powerful person and getting what I want a lot of the time, I think it’s healthy for to spend time with my horses and have them sometime be the boss and teach me to sometimes have patience.”

You can see the see the full interview here, as Iggy Azalea opens up about her new album, and her split from Nick Young.

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