Regina Spektor ‘Remember Us to Life’ Album Review Roundup

September 30, 2016

Regina Spektor’s new album is ‘Remember Us to Life.’ It’s the indie pop singer-songwriter’s first album since 2012’s ‘What We Saw from the Cheap Seats’ and critics are weighing in. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Regina Spektor

The Grammy-nominated Soviet Union-born Regina Spektor is dubbed an “alternative singer-songwriter” and while that term might be reductionistic for the classically trained pianist and vocalist, well, sobeit. It does make that point that she is the alternative to the bland, manufactured, forgettable tunes that pass for pop music these days, that are simultaneously the jingles we hear in advertisements and whose music videos are rife with product placements.

You’ll find none of that with Regina Spektor. Her major-label debut, ‘Soviet Kitsch’ in 2004 put her on the proverbial map as an artist with a unique vision and sensibility, with melodies and lyrics that could weave intricate tales. Her fame has been rising steadily ever since. Her last album, her sixth, ‘What We Saw from the Cheap Seats’ was released in 2012 and reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and reached the top 10 in Australia. That’s a comforting sign that her music is beginning to catch on.

Her new album, highly anticipated, is getting positive reviews. She herself said of it in a recent interview, “It felt like I had never written songs like these before. I think some of it just comes with time.” She added, “You experiment with a certain amount of things and you get to a new place. I also think whenever you have a great new life experience, you join humanity in a new way.”

Now critics are applauding, and it’s just the rare review that’s panning her efforts. Here’s a roundup.

“….Though often compared to Tori Amos, on Remember Us To Life Regina Spektor exhibits stronger affinities with Randy Newman, thanks to a turn of phrase often leaning towards the ironic, and a deceptive worldview that, like the sardonic string arrangements and ominous piano settings, gives most of these songs a slightly sour sting in the tail…..” –The Independent

“….Remember Us to Life is a reminder that Spektor’s sound is uniquely–and unmistakably–hers and hers alone, and while it has its strengths, it lacks the punch of some of her earlier work….” –Under the Radar

“…. Her fifth album, full of brilliant songcraft per usual, performs a similar balancing act between the familiar and the far-out. Spektor’s skill at storytelling compression remains stunning…..” –Rolling Stone

“….Her style is still niche, but Remember Us to Life is an important album for anyone invested in Spektor’s growth as a musician and, perhaps more importantly, a storyteller. …..” –The Line of Best Fit

“….While Broadway fans wait, they and others who can embrace the album’s occasional leaps in tone have another distinctly Spektor song set to enjoy. Ultimately, the sweetness that’s always been as much a part of her musical persona as quirkiness overrides any embellishment, offering a touch of drama without pretension. …..” –All Music

“….With Remember Us to Life, Spektor foregoes some of the whimsical narratives on previous albums and digs back into more personal thoughts, showcasing her inimitable vocals and piano talents…..” –Consequence of Sound

Check back for more reviews as they arrive. And in the meantime, check out Regina Spektor’s ‘Remember Us to Life’ album cover art and music videos below!

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