Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Fame, Social Media, ‘Sex and the City’ Rumors

September 29, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about social media and coping with fame. She also discusses her new HBO series ‘Divorce’ and reflects upon ‘Sex and the City’ and dispels rumors about herself and former cast members.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The 51-year-old actress rose to fame in the 1990s with that iconic TV series that ended in 2004 that made the transition to the big screen with two hit movies. Now, Sarah Jessica Parker is in a new series on HBO, the comedy ‘Divorce.’ She gave a rare interview to TIME magazine and covered a range of topics.

Asked why she chose to return to television after a dozen years, she said, “I love the medium. I love the limitations, I love its urgency. I love how disciplined and focused you need to be. I love that I can live a whole life on television.”

Reflecting upon her days with ‘Sex and the City’ she said, “Playing Carrie Bradshaw, I spent more time, sometimes, being her and living her life than I was my own. That’s an enormously particular, rare, singular experience to have as a human being, that film cannot offer.”

She also spoke at length on fame and all its trappings and inconveniences and what’s it’s been like in the spotlight for so many years. She’s known for guarding her privacy, as the wife of Matthew Broderick and the mother of their three children, a 13-year-old son and 7-year-old twin daughters. She said, “My life is speculated about—my marriage is, constantly. I don’t imagine that it will become so much more dense that that will become overwhelming to me. I’ve weathered the worst already.”

She went on say, “I read, but I don’t read about myself. Sometimes, it’s brought to my attention for reasons that are legitimate. I’m much more human than people think. I’m easily hurt, still, after all these years. I have developed a tougher skin, but I’ve worked really hard and the show is interesting and important and I’m proud of my work and that’s all I can do. I can’t control it beyond that. I’d like to control it, but I can’t.”

She also weighed in on social media, and expressed disdain for Twitter. Her last Tweet was in 2014 and despite that she still has more than 700,000 followers. She said, “You either have the constitution for something like Twitter or you don’t. And since it’s not necessary, since I’m not required by law to be on Twitter, I felt very comfortable not being on Twitter.”

She went on to elaborate, adding, “I didn’t like the tone. I was very distressed and disappointed by the language and the familiarity and the intimacy.” She added, “You’d be delusional to think there’d be no strong feelings objecting to me. But I was confused why people would follow and say mean things. I think when you can’t have a civilized conversation, I’m inclined to leave.”

Instagram is a different story, however, as she frequently shares cityscapes and promo photos for her new series with her 2.8 million followers. There aren’t any selfies however, and when asked about her recent selfie with Kim Kardashian West, she said, “I’ve never taken a selfie. In my whole life. I don’t always love cameras everywhere in phones. There are times it feels very intrusive and inappropriate, especially when I’m with my children.”

She also opened up about the rumors that she and various cast members of ‘Sex and the City’ didn’t get along and how she responds to them, she said, “You answer when they’re deserving and worthy of an answer, and the rest you let go, and let your reputation speak for itself. It was always so heartbreaking to me that there was this narrative about Kim [Cattrall] and myself because it just didn’t reflect anything that happened on that set.”

As for those perennial rumors about the much-hoped for third ‘Sex and the City’ movie she said, “I would be a fool to feel burdened by that, or frustrated or resentful. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about Divorce if it weren’t for Sex and the City.”

Continuing, she added, “The last movie came out in 2010. It was 13 years of my life, give or take—how better to have spent a career? And now it’s time for me to do something else.”

You can see the full interview here as Sarah Jessica Parker talks politics and other topics. Watch a trailer of the new series ‘Divorce’ below.

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