Christie Brinkley Talks Plant-Based Diet and Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

September 28, 2016

Christie Brinkley reveals some of the diet, beauty and anti-aging tips that she swears by. The iconic and age-defying supermodel and entrepreneur discusses why she believes her plant-based diet has contributed to her youthfulness and overall health.

Christie Brinkley

Yes, of course, the now 62-year-old Christie Brinkley is genetically blessed. Rising to fame in the mid-1980s she has been one of those pioneering supermodels who defines the era of the 1990s. Even now as she’s reached the age where her every red carpet appearance is scrutinized for signs of plastic surgery gone awry, to date, she’s not been hit with the dreaded “changing face” meme.

In an interview with New Beauty magazine she talks about her skin care line — Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, but along with the usual product pitching she offers some pragmatic advice that anyone can follow, regardless of whether they choose to buy the products.

Heath and wellness, after all, are endemic to beauty and youthfulness and you can’t get that in a jar, no matter what the price tag. Is. Christie Brinkley herself points this out, as she credits much of her youthfulness to her diet.

She said, “I know the best thing that I have done for myself over the years was to become a vegetarian. I have never eaten a piece of red or white meat since the day I decided to become one.”

Elaborating, she went on to theorize why opting for a plant-based diet has made a difference. She said, “I have avoided all the growth hormones that animals are injected with. I’m not a doctor or scientist, but if those hormones are speeding up bodily functions in animals to get to the slaughter house faster, what exactly are they doing to our skin? I think that purity and focusing on a diet rich in antioxidants has made all the difference.”

Continuing, she went on to describe herself as a “lifelong vegetarian, but still an aspiring vegan.” She said, “I am good for a couple of months, then some great Italian food and some mozzarella comes along and I am a lot less vegan—those two things are definitely my vices. When you’re a vegetarian though, you have to take some kind of supplement. I just stared taking BioSil. And it’s not just for vegetarians. We could all use a boost in our hair, skin and nails.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t have her share of beauty hacks, and she reveals one for that delicate area under the eyes that’s often a tell-tale sign of aging and/or fatigue, she says, “No matter what eye cream you apply, if you just sort of tap and pat the area under and around your eye, it helps get the circulation going, gets rid of the fluids and reduces puffiness.”

She also spoke about social media, revealing why she embraces it and how Instagram in particular has helped her. Noting that “women my age don’t really use it” she went on to say, “I encourage you to use it! It’s an incredible window to the world. You can follow all the trends and it’s so current! You see everything as it is happening.”

It’s a refreshing view of social media. Too often we hear celebrities complaining about trolls and cyberbullying — which, of course begs the question, why waste time and energy reading such comments anyway.

She’s got plenty more advice that’s equally upbeat and life affirming, and you can see the full article here and get plenty more of Christie Brinkley’s age-defying beautify secrets and diet tips! Photos below!

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