Laura Hamilton Talks Post-Baby Body Weight Loss, Reveals Diet, Fitness Tips

August 29, 2016

Laura Hamilton opens up about her impressive post baby body weight loss. The ‘A Place in The Sun’ presenter reveals the diet and fitness regime she followed that enabled her to shed five stone (70 pounds) in just seven months.

Laura Hamilton

The 34-year-old British TV star has two children, Rocco and Tahlia with husband Alex Goward whom she married in 2012. She documented the weight loss after the birth of her second child (in May 2015) and has also developed an app, Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout.

In an interview with The Daily Mail she opened about about her weight loss journey which began three months after the difficult delivery of her child, which saw her survive potentially dangerous complications. She said she was motivated to lose the weight after getting backlash online.

She said, “‘I put the pressure on myself to lose weight after reading these horrible comments. I try and avoid reading the comments on articles now as I know you’re never going to appeal to everyone, but I knew I was nearly five stone overweight at the time.”

Continuing, she said, “Before I was pregnant with Thalia but after Rocco I was 13st 8lb [190 pounds] on the scales – I’m only 5ft 3in. I wasn’t eating that much and at the time I didn’t think I’d put on that much weight, so it was a real shock.”

She went on to speak about how she and her trainer, sports psychologist John Beeby, came up with the app to help other women who might be facing similar struggles after giving birth. She said, “We came up with an app that caters for different abilities, depending on how fit you are.”

Continuing, she added, “There are five workouts consisting of five exercises which you can do when you choose and make it as hard or easy as you like. All the exercises are different, none of them require equipment and each one comes with a video that shows you how to do it. You can do them at any time and anywhere in the world.”

She also spoke with Female First about her weight loss journey, and told the publication about embarking on a diet plan for the first time, The Fast Diet Kitchen.

It’s a 5:2 plan which incorporates two days of near fasting; i.e. 500 calories in total. She said that on the fast days she consumed typically vegetable couscous for lunch and carrot and coriander soup in the evening. On non-fast days, she said, “I would eat something like Weetabix for breakfast, for lunch I would have a prawn and avocado salad. For my evening meal, I might have salmon with spinach and sweetcorn.”

She went on to explain what she saw as the advantage of the approach, saying, “It stops you from eating a load of rubbish and makes you more calorie conscious. I have cut out chocolate and crisps and I am trying not to eat too much bread.”

She also outlined her daily workout routine, and said, “I am doing lunges with weights, squats, using fitness balls, loads of boxing, lots of ab work like sit-ups and leg exercises.” She added, “I am doing anything and everything to the point where it’s becoming addictive.”

Laura Hamilton continues to take the proactive approach, sharing with the public her tips and strategies. You can see some of Laura Hamilton’s before and after weight loss photos below!

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