Frank Ocean ‘Endless’ Album Review Roundup

August 19, 2016

Frank Ocean’s new album is ‘Endless.’ The 45-minute “visual album” is his first since his brilliant 2012 debut, ‘Channel Orange’ and it had a surprise release. Now critics are weighing in and you can check out a roundup of reviews right here.

Frank Ocean

Yes, the wait is over. Frank Ocean released ‘Endless,’ his “visual album” exclusively at Apple Music. Worldwide on Twitter his name was trending. Lately fans have been hoping to see such a trend, knowing it would not mean an RIP but instead a new album.

It’s almost a repeat of what we’ve seen before with visual albums, Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ and before that her self-titled visual album. Yes, we knew Frank Ocean’s album was due — overdue, in fact, having skipped over some official release date. And much like Drake’s ‘Views’ the album did finally and suddenly arrive.

The album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ was expected a couple of weeks ago. Now this is a double surprise, as it’s a different album, and according to Rolling Stone, more music is on the way this weekend, but that original title is scrapped, yes, even though it has long had its own domain name (boysdon’ which is still active.

This album, first announced more than three years ago, is the follow up to Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed ‘Channel Orange.’ Prior to the album’s release, he took to Tumblr and made a personal statement about the album and his love for a man that inspired it, saying, in part, ““I’ve written some great things. “That’s a gift, but there’s consequences. Yeah, you get this great work, but you suffer. You really, really suffer.”

‘Endless’ has quite a roster of guest artists including string orchestration from Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and the London Symphony Orchestra, producer Arca, instrumentalist James Blake, and the singer-songwriters Alex G, Jazmine Sullivan and Sampha.

Now, that the full album is out, the music critics are now weighing in on the much awaited and re-titled album. Here’s what they’re saying.

“….Despite its tendency to meander, ‘Endless’ is still an engaging listen. On it, Ocean abandons any conventional songwriting structures and continuously challenges the listener, although some may say he frustrates instead. If this is anything to go by, the record formerly known as ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ should be a treat.
Read more at….”–NME

“….Endless feels like an artistic statement before a pop album, even if it’s ultimately an impressive merging of the two. You might wonder at times – perhaps as beats flicker by and Ocean starts sanding down a particularly rough piece of wood – what on earth is going on. But surely the whole point of Frank Ocean is that he likes to confound, and this really does feel like a brilliantly confounding, unique piece of work…..” — The Guardian

Here’s the Track list

01. Device Control
02. At Your Best (You Are Love) (feat. James Blake, Jonny Greenwood, and the London Contemporary Orchestra)
03. Alabama (feat. Sampha and Jazmine Sullivan)
04. Mine (feat. Arca)
05. U-N-I-T-Y
06. Ambience 001: In A Certain Way
07. Commes Des Garcons
08. Ambience 002: Honeybaby
09. Wither (feat. Alex G and Jazime Sullivan)
10. Hubolts (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
11. In Here Somewhere
12. Slide On Me (feat. Alex G)
13. Sideways
14. Florida
15. Deathwish (ASR)
16. Rushes (feat. Alex G and Jazime Sullivan)
17. Rushes To
18. Higgs (feat. Alex G)

Check back for more reviews, as critics are having their say even as the world is listening in. The four year wait is finally over! You can stream the album here and see the album cover below.

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