Lais Ribeiro Reveals Workout Routine and Brazilian Beauty Secrets

August 17, 2016

Lais Ribeiro reveals her workout routine and opens up about the beauty tips and daily routine that she swears by. The Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel is a rising star and much on the radar these days.

 Lais Ribeiro

The 25-year-old model is much in the news these days, not least for the Rio Olympics. No, she did not take part in any of the festivities — as did Gisele Bunchen, who took to the runway one last time at the opening ceremonies to the iconic bossa nova song “The Girl From Ipanema. But nonetheless as a native of Brazil she’s been representing her country in other ways. She graces the cover of GQ Mexico and poses for some stunning bikini pics (which you can see below) for instance. And yes, quite an “for instance” as she is not shy about revealing the physique she’s blessed with both through genetics, of course, and hard work.

And speaking of, she’s featured in a fabulous workout video alongside celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue of Body by Simone fame. It’s a featurette that comes to us courtesy of ELLE magazine. She reveals the dance cardio routine that she follows diligently.

The cardinal rule of exercise is that it needs to be a something you can follow, yes, and that’s enjoyable. The 1980s were hot for aerobics of all kinds and the 2010s may go down in fitness history as for the melding of dance and cardio. Witness the Zumba phenomena, for instance.

Lais Ribeiro spoke with Allure magazine about her beauty routine. Among the exotic ingredients that figure into her skincare routine is Babassu oil from the Babassu palm which she says “is great for moisturizing the skin and keeping it hydrated.”

She went on to stress how important moisturizing really is regardless of your skin type. She said, “I have oily skin, and you would think that I would stay away from moisturizing when I’m in Brazil, but I found that by not doing so, my skin would become oilier…It turns out that my skin produces less oil when it’s properly hydrated and moisturized.”

She also touts sunscreens and products with SPF to protect the skin for the sun. Due to the climate she keeps powder to a minimum and for maintaining a fresh look goes on to say, “Blotting papers are truly our secret weapon.” Elaborating, she adds, “I like to use blotting papers or even tissue wrapped around a small puff to blot sweat and oil from my skin.”

You can get the full details including a list of the products and brands she uses here and check out workout video and GQ Mexico photos below!

A photo posted by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

A photo posted by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

A photo posted by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

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